Friday, August 19, 2011

Aitor González arrested

There seems to be no end to erstwhile Euskaltel rider and 2002 Vuelta champ Aitor González's (self-inflicted) misery. Six years on from retiring from the sport after testing positive, the Zumárraga native has been arrested for the third time in four years, this time around on suspicion of fraud. According to, González and two other men have been arrested in Alicante after trying to defraud a local bank for 1500 euros. Allegedly the trio has falsified numerous documents to open a bank account in the the two other men's tenants' association of a building in León. They are then assumed to have withdrawn cash from this account based on false receipts. The two other men in question happen to be brothers by the way, and one of them has already appeared before a judge and is likely to be imprisoned. González was detained then released, but will be called before a judge in the not too distant future. The former rider even attempted to flee when he saw the police approaching but was stopped in his tracks rather quickly. To read a slightly more detailed version of this case, click

Prior to his latest arrest, Aitor González has had his fair share of run-ins with the police. Four years ago he was caught driving through a red light under the influence of both alcohol and cocaine, while a year later he was arrested for - quite incredibly - hiring three men to assault two businessmen allegedly owing him money. Ouch. Though he enjoyed more than his fair share of success on the bike, winning the Vuelta a España and Tour de Suisse overall as well as three stages apiece in the Vuelta and the Giro and one in the Tour, he'll always be remembered for his controversial attack on Kelme team-mate and leader Oscar Sevilla on the road to winning that 2002 edition of the Spanish GT.

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bike master said...

living the thug-life is no way to go about it. too bad for Aitor, but he has brought it all upon himself by continuing to struggle in making good choices.
we have plenty of this sort of ex-pro cyclist loser here in the u.s., by the way... no need to mention any names, but they generally make an annual press appearance/book release just prior to the start of the TdF.

personally, i am looking forward to viewing some fantastic racing in the Vuelta and here in Colorado as well. put the habitual offenders behind bars where they belong and let's get on with it.


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