Monday, August 29, 2011

Stage 10 results & GC

Stage results:
  • 63, Gorka Verdugo, 5:01
  • 94, Mikel Nieve, 6:00
  • 99, Jorge Azanza, 6:05
  • 104, Igor Antón, 6:18
  • 120, Juan José Oroz, 6:49
  • 135, Iñaki Isasi, 7:21
  • 141, Amets Txurruka, 7:39
  • 148, Egoi Martínez, 7:55
  • 182, Pierre Cazaux, 10:13
General classification:
  • 25, Mikel Nieve, 5:06
  • 32, Igor Antón, 8:47
  • 49, Juan José Oroz, 26:46
  • 56, Gorka Verdugo, 29:29
  • 59, Amets Txurruka, 32:12
  • 68, Egoi Martínez, 45:24
  • 91, Iñaki Isasi, 1:06:39
  • 97, Jorge Azanza, 1:08:53
  • 167, Pierre Cazaux, 2:05:11


Stephen said...

5:10 isn't a lot considering how hard this tour has been and how hard it's going to get. I'm still sure that Mikel will get into the top 10 and a top 5 is still a possibility. A big stage win would obviously help and also restore some morale......c'mon boys, you can do it!

mceuskadi said...

In my mind this years vuelta is a pure nightmare so far. The track looked so promising. Now after the half both Mikel and Igor far away from Top 10 or even podium.

BTW, what for a strange Vuelta! Scarponi? Nope! Purito? Nope! Menchov? Nope!
Only Nibali with "normal" form. The rest of the favorites all in a Mayo-like lack of form. Look who's now in Top 10: Froome (who?!?) in red, Mollema, Fuglsang, Monfort, Kessiakoff. I mean Cobo best spaniard in 8th. What the f*ck happens in this years vuelta? Incredible.

I hope for Euskaltel that they can "save" the Vuelta somehow with 2 Stagewins. Angliru and Bilbao would be nice. Let's hope for the best.

Magnus said...

It definitely hasn't panned out as many of us had expected. A win atop the Angliru would go some way in atoning for the disappointment so far. And, yes, the team is bound to put on a spectacle in Bilbao and Vitoria. We're only halfway through, so hopefully Antón, Nieve and co. can put things right.


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