Friday, August 05, 2011

Burgos and Poland results

Results for stage 2, Vuelta a Burgos:

  • 3, Sánchez, 0:07
  • 6, García, 0:10
  • 14, Antón, 0:13
  • 15, Nieve, s.t.
  • 31, Oroz, 0:54
  • 35, Cabedo, 1:07
  • 56, Sáez, 1:44
  • 76, Landa, 2:15
  • 87, Astarloza, 2:43
  • 88, Isasi, s.t.
  • 92, Urain, 3:36
  • 95, Zabalo, 4:49
  • 102, Etxebarria, s.t.
  • 113, Martín, 7:02
  • 114, Bilbao, s.t.
  • 117, Bizkarra,.s.t.
In Poland Euskaltel were once again on the offensive. Young climber Mínguez infiltrated the break of the day to ensure some publicity for the team while Jorge Azanza tried his hand with a daring attack inside the last 10km. Azanza wasn't able to make it stick as he was reeled in pretty quickly and Sagan eventually bagged his second win in a row. Jon Izagirre looked solid towards the end and came home as best-placed Euskaltel rider in 28th just three seconds in arrears. Full stage results:
  • 28, Izagirre, 0:03
  • 68, Castroviejo, 0:14
  • 71, Azanza, s.t.
  • 77, Sesma, s.t.
  • 96, Cazaux, 1:09
  • 110, Fernández, 2:20
  • 153, Mínguez, 20:43


Anonymous said...

Euskaltel really need to practice TTT.. they always look so disorganized. Today Sammy had to close gaps because the guy in front lost the wheel. Granted the team is more climbing oriented but its can't hurt to get out there & practice TTT every once in a while.

Magnus said...

Agree. Organizing the team can't be too hard, can it?

Stephen said...

I think they were last in the Giro and last in the tour. Is there one in the Vuelta? If you have a GC contender then you HAVE to defend his position in the TTT. In the tour the combination of bad luck in the first day crash and then the TTT lost Samu over 3 mins to his rivals in no time at all. That has to hurt podium chances later on.

Bolsen3 said...

Yes, there's a TTT in the Vuelta, in the first stage, if I remember correctly. TTT is popular these days, it's the first time in some 20 years there's one in all of the GT's. Not so good for Euskaltel :) But it certainly is a fascinating discipline!

kKDu said...

How was it possible that Euskaltel almost won the TTT at the Vuelta in 2009?
That question I have asked me after every single TTT since then.


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