Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Gastroenteritis to blame"

Igor González de Galdeano has finally shed some light on why Antón is struggling in the Vuelta. Talking to el Diario Vasco after the conclusion of yesterday's stage, the team boss said Antón is still struggling with the aftereffects of a bout of gastroenteritis. "He suffered from gastroenteritis a month or so ago", he explained. "It really drained him. He was unable to train for a week, he lost a lot of weight and he's not recovered. He's not in the shape he was before the gastro, and you have to pay for it a month before a race of the level of the Vuelta." Yet despite a tough start, the former rider is adamant Antón can return to form in the last two weeks. "We've only done five days of racing. There's still a lot of racing left to do and I believe Antón will improve. Physically he's fresh, and that might prove decisive."


Nick said...

Yikes, I had a bout of this back in April, and I can totally feel his pain. For a week my diet consisted of apple sauce, saltines, and gatorade, and I still had a tough time not sh*tting this stuff back out. It's hard to imagine having that trying to be a world-class athlete.

I'm curious whether this happened before or after Burgos. He was good (not great) in Burgos, but he seems to be struggling more now (possibly due to the higher pace of Vuelta racing).

Hopefully he continues to improve his strength day after day.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your ill boy or girl. I hope she is recovering by now. You and your loved ones are in my prayers Fran

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