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Basque amateur calendar set

The Basque Cycling Federation today announced the complete set of races that will make up the 2012 amateur and sub-23 season (or élite and sub 23 as it's officially called). The schedule is pretty similar to that of last year: 26 races in the Torneo Euskaldun series, 28 in the Lehendakari version, three stage-races (Bidasoa, Navarra and Álava), the usual one-day classics, and a trio of Spanish Cup-races. In all 67 races, the Basque newspapers report. The only notable change from this year is the disappearance of the Torneo Apertura. The three-race series, reserved for first - and second-year aficionados only, was won comfortably by Naturgas' Fernando Grijalba this year, but will go off the calendar after a solitary year of existence.

Despite the everlasting 'crisis' so-called experts and pundits label the current situation in Basque cycling, 2012 will again see a healthy number of teams. 14 Basque teams have secured their future for next year: four in Bizkaia, four in Giupzkoa, five in Navarra and the one (Naturgas) in Álava.

Complete calendar:

25 Zumaia (Euskaldun)
26 Soraluze (Lehendakari)

3 Ereño (Lehendakari)
4 Laudio (Euskaldun)
10 Lizartza (Lehendakari)
11 Aiztondo Klasika (Copa España)
11 Almandoz (Lehendakari)
17 Villatuerta (Lehendakari)
18 Estella (Euskaldun)
24 Laukiz (Lehendakari)
25 Subida a Gorla (Lehendakari)
31 Balmaseda (Elite y sub 23)

1 Memorial Valenciaga (Copa España)
1 Amorebieta (Lehendakari)
7 Peralta (Euskaldun)
14 Estella (Lehendakari)
15 Durana (Euskaldun)
21 Lazkao (Euskaldun)
22 Bera (Lehendakari)
27-29 Tres Días de Alava (1.13.2)

1 Legazpi (Copa España)
5 Berriatua (Euskaldun)
6 Subida Urraki (Euskaldun)
9-12 Vuelta al Bidasoa (Sub 23)
13 Natxitua (Lehendakari)
19 Estella (Euskaldun)
20 Markina (Lehendakari)
26 Beasain (Lehendakari)
29-3 junio Vuelta a Navarra (2.12.2)
27 Bergara (Lehendakari)
30 Campeonatos Gipuzkoa cri

2 Campeona Euskadi línea (Urretxu)
3 Campeonato Euskadi CRI (Legutiano)
10 Ataun (Euskaldun)
16 Trucios (Lehendakari)
17 Logroño (Euskaldun)
23 Segura (Euskaldun)
24 Tolosa (Lehendakari)
29 Irún (Euskaldun)
30 Clásica Mungia (1.13.2 Sub 23)

1 Salinas (Euskaldun)
7 Murgia (Euskaldun)
8 Antzuola (Lehendakari)
14 Sopelana (Lehendakari)
15 Beasain (1.12.2)
21 Pamplona-Bayona (Euskaldun)
22 Busturia (Lehendakari)
31 Altzo (Invitación)

5 Oiartzun (Euskaldun)
9 Muxika (Lehendakari)
12 Amurrio (Euskaldun)
13 Lemoiz (Lehendakari)
16 Aretxabaleta (Euskaldun)
18 Mañaria (Euskaldun)
23 Elgoibar (Lehendakari)
24 Gernika (Lehendakari)
26 Zegama (Euskaldun)
29 Lakuntza (Euskaldun)
30 Larrabetzu (Lehendakari)

1 Ataun (Euskaldun)
3 Lekeitio (Euskaldun)
8 Urduliz (Lehendakari)
9 Bermeo (Lehendakari)
15 Alsasua (Euskaldun)
16 Bergara (Lehendakari)
22 Oñati (Lehendakari)
23 Zaldibia (Euskaldun)

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Naturgas Energía roster 2012: Jon Larrinaga, Loic Chetout, Karl Baudron, Alain González, Eduardo Ardaiz, Damien García, Alain Santamaría, Imanol Estevez, Mikel Iturria, Pablo Comins, Oier Sánchez, Victor Etxebarria and Francisco Javier Martín.

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