Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Team full of talent"

Euskaltel's Continental feeder team Orbea are these days putting the finishing touches to their preparations for the new year, and the man at the head of it all, director deportivo Aritz Arberas, is quietly pleased with the crop of youngsters at his disposal. All 11 riders underwent testing at the team's HQ in Derio earlier today, while they'll conduct their first group ride on the road tomorrow.

"There's a big turnover of riders here, and inexperienced youngsters join us each season. However, there's lot of talent in these guys. Some of them have shown they're capable of winning among the pros, and we're fighting to win races on a daily basis. But as this team is more focussed on development rather than winning races, it's hard to set specific goals for 2012", Arberas told Orbea's website.

Four of the class of 2011 were rewarded with contracts at Euskaltel. The DS is hoping for similar success next year, but is now firmly focussed on getting his charges perfectly set up for the season.

"We'll meet up to set training plans, talk to the riders, see what kind of shape they're in, discuss racing schedules and, generally, plan the year ahead of us and oversee the first training sessions with a view to the first competitions in 2012", he concluded.

Roster: Jon Aberasturi, Aritz Bagües, Carlos Barbero, Mikel Bizkarra, Andoni Blázquez, Aritz Etxebarria, Omar Fraile, Igor Merino, Haritz Orbea, Xavier Zabalo and Illart Zuazubiskar.

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