Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Duo goes aero

Young Euskaltel pair Peio Bilbao and Adrián Sáez fine-tuned their time trial positions at the team's biomechanics lab earlier this week, writes www.fundacioneuskadi.com.

'The team's biomechanics lab' is actually doctor Juan García López of the University in León's lab, but it's where the riders usually head for when trying to optimize their aero tuck in the close-season. The team has been sending a selection of riders to the lab since Igor González de Galdeano's tenure started back in 2005 in the hope of improving the team's performances against the clock. Wonderkid Peio Bilbao has shown glimpses of quality in the race of truth previously, while 25-year-old Sáez, who enjoyed a rich vein of form towards the end of the 2011 campaign, is more noted for his all-round skills rather than for his time trial pedigree. The two spent four hours each on the bike in search of that perfect position.

The riders' work at the lab these last few years have been largely beneficial - let's hope the same goes for the former Orbea team-mates.

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