Saturday, December 17, 2011

Euskaltel president hints at new deal

The new president of telephone company Euskaltel, Alberto García Erauzkin, has moved to play down fears they might end their sponsorship of their eponymous team at this time next year. Speaking to DEIA, Erauzkin says keeping the team alive is his "intention".

"Yes, that's my intention (to tie up a new two-year deal in the summer)", Erauzkin, who's likely to make a decision on the matter in six months' time, said.

Continuing, the president talked off how he wants to make the team a sustainable project for the future - a team he reckons has been worthy of their support.

"No one is more interested than us in keeping this team going. Euskaltel Euskadi have been a success for Euskaltel, for Euskadi and for the Basque fans. The team have shown that money is not everything when it comes to performing: you have to have a strong team and a quality captain. Euskaltel Euskadi have that."

The newspaper goes on to claim that Euskaltel are "more likely than not to stay on", and that Fundación Euskadi president Miguel Madariaga "doesn't doubt" the sponsorship agreement will be renewed. Right now though, Madariaga is focussed on securing the team's budget for the season ahead. In a month or so, he anticipates, everything should be in place for 2012.

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