Thursday, December 08, 2011

Zikliamatore 2011. Buy it. Now.

I don't usually advertise for any products whatsoever on this site, but I owe this one to Iñaki Azanza. The photographer, who travels the world in search of the best pics of the sport, be it on the road, the track or in the mud, has for the last few years supplied this blog with top-end material straight from the races. For free. He's recently launched the 2011 edition of Zikliamatore; a publication featuring 250 of the best photos from the recently-concluded season. So if you're into cycling, like the look of it on film and want a review of 2011 in pictures, you could do worse than checking into either his own webpage or Urtekaria's webshop and acquire a copy for 10 euros. I have the latest edition (as well as the two previous ones), and it's phenomenal. Go check it out.

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