Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Galdeano "evaluating" MPCC option

As an increasing number of teams and riders have voiced their disapproval of the UCI and their endorsement of the Mouvement pour un cyclisme crédible (MPCC) in the aftermath of the USADA revelations, Euskaltel have kept eerily quiet. That might be about to change, should we believe the man at the helm of the team, Igor González de Galdeano. Speaking to BiciCiclismo from a UCI seminar in Aigle, Switzerland, titled "How to make cycling more attractive", the former yellow jersey wearer revealed the team might seek to become a member of the MPCC.

"We're evaluating the option of joining the MPCC", he said. "We value very highly these types of partnerships to be a member of in the near future. The team wants to contribute towards a clean sport, and that's something we need to do. Up until now we've adhered to the rules and norms of WADA and the UCI, and I don't see anything very different with respect to their initiatives. But we have to evaluate carefully what we will do".

Turning philosophical, Galdeano appeared confused over what exactly ethics in cycling constitutes, and left no doubt that his ultimate loyalty lies with the sport's governing body.

"Ethics is only related to doping. But ethics is more than just that, which leads me to ask the following question: what is ethics? Is it only about doping, or is there more to it? Therefore, the team's intention today is to support all the initiatives the UCI put in place without hesitating, and to value what kind of impact these relationships can have. For now, we'll continue to wait.

"I've always said that we, as a team, will support all the UCI's initiatives - they're the governing body. We want to stand by the UCI in everything that comes next".

For the full interview, click here.

Photo: Marca

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