Monday, December 03, 2012

Galdeano open to Asia and America adventure

It's long been known Euskaltel will take on an expanded calendar in 2013 to accommodate both their sponsors and riders; Belgium, the Netherlands and France will, arguably for the first time, be a central part of the team's season. In an interview with BiciCiclismo today, team head Igor González de Galdeano revealed it mightn't be long before Euskaltel travel even further to race bikes.

"Yes, it's been talk of racing in Asia, but that's in the long term. First off, we'll do the Europe Tour, aiming to be able to compete and expand our horizons in Belgium, Holland and France. Year number two, after this experience, might be to go to other continents like America, where Orbea has interests, or Asia", he revealed. "More than anything, it's about doing what's best for the WorldTour and our sponsors' interests - and they want to become more global, like Orbea. We have to wait and see. First of all we're a WorldTour team, and we need to do that calendar and be competitive. But, hey, points are scored in every race. For example, it's obvious that Serebryakov got some points in Asia that were very important to us this year".

While the majority of the team's foreign signings will aim to shine in those aforementioned races in northern Europe, the Basques will embark on a highly similar calendar of races to that of years past. In 2013, Galdeano hopes everyone, young and old, can contribute by taking a step or two in the right direction.

"If I had to write a letter to Santa Claus, I'd write that I hope Samuel Sánchez, Mikel Nieve and Igor Antón keep the team at the same level, including the latter two progressing further; that Romain Sicard takes a step forward. I think it's time, and he's prepared. He's got a lot of potential - psychologically as well as physically; that the youngsters make a leap in quality big enough that we can say we've got a future within this project. Izagirre, Landa, Bilbao, Aberasturi, Lobato... Riders that within three of four years must be our points of reference. This year, they've got to take a step in the right direction and say "we're the future" - if not, it'll cost us more every time."

Photo: Noticias de Álava


Stephen said...

His letter to santa is very similar to I want a new bike and team strip, obviously...

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