Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"I can see the light at the end of the tunnel"

It was on Sunday reported that riders and staff at Euskaltel Euskadi had not been paid their wages for November as the Fundación Euskadi are struggling to reach an agreement with Euskaltel over the sale of team vehicles that would free up money to balance the foundation's 2012 books. Now it appears a solution might be within sight.

"Discussions on Monday and Tuesday will be very important if we are to reach a deal", Madariaga said two days ago. While an agreement is far from being reached, he sounded distinctly positive when talking to Bilbao-based daily El Correo Tuesday morning.

"Now, one can see the light at the end of the tunnel", the soon-to-be former Generel Manager of the team said. Allegedly, the two parties "are getting closer" to an agreement.

Photo: Fundación Ciclista Euskadi


Nick said...

A few questions that have been stirring in my head:

For 2013, Euskaltel-Euskadi will just becom Euskaltel and not have a 2nd title sponsor?

Are they gonna pick up a 2nd title sponsor?

Will there be any sort of professional relationship between new Euskaltel and the fundacion moving forward?

Why wouldn't Gonzalez de G want to buy the old buses if it ensures that his riders are gonna get their full year's worth of 2012 salary?

Gordon said...

I think i'm right in saying they will still be called Euskaltel Euskadi.

As for your next two questions i'm not too sure. I would hope they mantain a good relationship with the Fundacion to bring through young Basque riders. I'm also slightly confused why the new project doesn't just buy the buses and put an end to it.

Magnus said...


Yeah, the name will stay the same for now.

Euskaltel and the foundation are still negotiating, but it looks likely there will be some kind of relationship.

Why they don't just buy the buses is beyond me - probably they would say they are overvalued. But as long as there's no sort of info or communication coming from Galdeano and co. on anything, all we can do is guess.


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