Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another laboratory to test Iban's sample

According to the reliable Basque daily El Correo, Iban's B-sample will be subject to yet another test. Where and when was not revealed, but a third laboratory will peform tests on the sample. How is this possible? Can the same sample be tested over and over again? Don't think so, but nothing would surprise me in this particular case...


Anonymous said...

Surely this is unprecedented?
Without the overdue results of a 2nd test being revealed, a third test is being done?

Were the UCI so sure Mayo was a legitimate target that nothing could go wrong, which something surely has?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I believe the scenario is this:

It gets "leaked" when ever the A sample is positive... but the B sample doesn't get leaked when it is negative? Instead they just do a third test to check the results?

Why does the A sample get "leaked" before they do a B sample?

Meanwhile, Iban's name is being dragged through the mud and his career has been ruined. If it is negative, the UCI should be held as reliable as Iban will be if it is positive.

Anonymous said...

--correction in last post...

**responsible** (not reliable)

Magnus said...

Definetely, the UCI should get "punished" in a way if that's the case.
Though, the result of the B-test will be revealed, no doubt about that.


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