Sunday, September 30, 2007

No updates for two weeks

I'll have to leave you all for almost two weeks I'm afraid, as I'm heading of to Prague and San Sebastián tonight. I'll be gone 'till the 13th of October, so updates will be far and few between until then. Though, if Iban's B-sample returns I'll try to find an internet café or something, but I'm afraid we'll have to wait a little while longer to find out the result of the counter-analysis. Until the 13th, take care.


Lizzard4567 said...

Have fun !! I'm gonna miss you, since you're the only one I can talk about euskaltel with :P

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Arnout said...

You are leaving us too much Magnus * angry *

Joking, have a good trip!

Bolsen3 said...

Yeah, come back Magnus! This is the only place I can get updates on Iban!

But guess you have a life outside this side as well, so have a nice trip ;-)

oscarsevilla said...

Hi Magnus!

Prague is a very nice city, and it's near my home, so I like it. San Sebastian is also beautiful, I were there in this summer after the Tour. It was entchanting! I would like to go back some years later!

Have a great days and a nice trip!

Anonymous said...

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