Sunday, September 30, 2007

Haimar wins in Ormaetxea's name

Haimar won his first race in seven years as he claimed the overall win in the Memorial Jokin Ormaetxea circuit race. The race was held to pay tribute to the Basque rider who sadly passed away in a car accident back in 2004. The race brought all the best Basque cyclists together, with Haimar ending up as the winner. Haimar was second in both the points and the elimination race, and therefore claimed top honours ahead of Arreitunandia and Garate. In the team time trial a team consisting of three Euskaltel riders, Igor, Koldo and Beñat, together with Gaizka Lasa, Iker Leonet, Jon Garate and youngster Sudupe snatched the win ahead of an all-Euskaltel line-up including Haimar, Joseba, Markel, Lander, Mayoz and Iriondo. The race was of course not sanctioned as an UCI event, but nonetheless wins are important.

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