Friday, September 21, 2007

Iban Mayo Martxa Zikloturista sees Iban back in action

Iban was finally back on his bike on Sunday, as the annual Iban Mayo Martxa Zikloturista was held. The race, held for the second time this year, is an event to honour Iban and his exploits on the bike. 170 people participated this time around; 39 more than last year. These kind of races are mostly for fun and not really competitive, with Iban finishing in 40th place. He was wearing the Iban Mayo Lagunartea clothes, his official fan club's, with a matching Catlike Whisper helmet to go. And, yes, he was riding his Scott Addict bike. I guess the riders get to keep their bikes when they sign for a team, so no real surprise there. He looked very slim and lean, seemingly in good form. A couple of his friends participated, among them Gorka Amuriza and Egoitz Murgoitio of the Grupo Nicolas Mateos outfit. Great to see him back in action and with so much support. Aupa Iban!


Anonymous said...

170 idiots. Shame on them. Shame on this blog!

Magnus said...

Whatever man... Why bother commenting???


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