Friday, September 28, 2007

Iban's new gear

Iban did naturally not wear his Saunier Duval kit when he rode his own Cicloturista race approximately 2 weeks ago. Iban was wearing the official Iban Mayo Lagunartea jersey and shorts, a new elegant line of cycling cloths "made" by his fan club. It's an elegant kit, all blue with the fan club's symbol and the Basque flag on it. Looks really nice and comfy. If it's possible for everyday people who're not members of his fan club to buy, then for sure I'm getting myself one. Here's how it looks, modelled by Iban himself.


Arnout said...

Yeah, its definately a nice outfit. Do you cycle yourself?

I do, but the first new outfit I am going to buy is the one from Euskaltel I think.

Magnus said...

Yeah, I ride my bike a lot. And, I've got the complete Euskaltel outfit:D I especially like my helmet!


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