Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The 21st of May is the day

It's official: CAS will announce their verdict on the 21st of May. Iban and his lawyer, José Rodriguez, confirmed the date to Basque daily DEIA today. "It's true", Iban said. "I'm pleased, obviously. I heard they came to a conclusion in Valverde, Di Luca and Petacchi's cases... And in my case, nothing. I just had to wait. If I lost hope? No, I knew the day had to come. Though, we only know the date when they will make their decision public, we know nothing about what that decision might be..." Speaking of the future, he was a bit more pessimistic: "I have no idea what that may hold for me. First we'll just have to wait for their verdict, then... I don't know. The only thing I want right now is for CAS to clear my name. But even if they do, I can't imagine myself riding for a Pro Tour team. Team's will be afraid to touch me, but I'm still hopeful of being able to decide for myself when to stop riding my bike. What happens, happens. Though, nothing will be like it once was". Stay tuned for more reports on the case...


arnout said...

Hey, perfectly on time this news. This way we still see Magnus around! :P

Well, I have exams that day I think. Or not, can be that I have a free day inbetween. We will see, will be nervous, very nervous day.

But I believe justice will still happen after all!

And if not, give him a ten months punishment. From 1 august 2007 - 1 june 2008! I think Mayo is punished enough by now, I believe this case is worse than a two years suspension by now.

Bolsen3 said...

Good news, at last! But I still have a bitter feeling that there will be no news about this case on May 21st, at least I wouldn't be surprised. But I really hope for a final decision now, it's been way too much waiting!
But I don't like that Iban is so negative about his future in cycling (if he's cleared), but he's probably right I guess. I wonder how good he has trained the last months, it can't be very motivating to wait so long for an answer. I've kind of had a hope/dream to see him ride 100% in the Vuelta (the route suits him so well too) but I guess there's little chance of that happening anyway... We'll see...

Anonymous said...

Really it's about time. I wonder if theres a chance we'll see him riding for Rock Racing, who picked up Santiago Botero and Tyler Hamilton next year?

Anonymous said...

Well, if Magnus where able to read, he might understood what "hearing" means.

That does NOT mean that the deciciong is due on May 21th.

And rest assured, he will certainly make some some critical remarks when there are not any news on Mayos case on May the 21.

And the this doping apologist will probably call Madariaga and report a "no positive B-sample" again. What a freaking idiot.

amus said...

TO ANONYMOUS: if you are going to write such a post, at least have the balls to post your name.

or should we call you a "shitty lab procedural errors apologist" instead of anonymous?


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