Saturday, April 12, 2008

Odriozola's verdict

Jon Odriozola was the team's directeur sportif in the Vuelta al País Vasco, a race which ended today. When speaking to the team's website after the race's conclusion, Jon was a happy man: "I'm very proud of the team. We've been the most active and fighting team. We've done all we can to win. The race was very blocked in a way, and we've done more than any other team to change that. Contador has done a great race and is the deserved winner. We came to the last day with Mikel still in contention, and he ended up 6th eventually. I think the fans are pleased with our attitude; we've never given up". Indeed, they never gave in to Astana, or any other team for that matter, so I'm pleased. Are you? Leave comments.


arnout said...

Asking for comments :P

I am also pleased, pity that the breakaways did not get many time for once. There were some Astana control freaks I guess.

Euskaltel does not have, except Sammy, a rider who is worldclass in the hills, and Pais Vasco is a hilly race. I am really fond of Astarloza, I did not expect him to be that good on those little, explosive climbs at all! I thought he was more a climber like Ullrich (though that is an exaggerated example). And Anton, brilliantly, considering his injury!

The whole team showed courage, with Txurukka falling more than once (he falls often btw, in Down Under and last year also in Bizikleta if I am correct), Landaluze with an illness and Anton with that handicap. We can only be proud on them, and victories will have to follow. At least they deserve them, more than many other teams!

Magnus said...

I was a bit surprised as well by Mikel's performance. Some om the world's leading specialists on hilly terrain were there, and Mikel was always there or there about. Impressive!


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