Monday, April 21, 2008


Due to several reasons I won't be updating the blog in some weeks. To be honest there's just too much going on right now, so I have to quit something. But relax, it's only temporary. I probably won't start posting full-time again before late May I'm afraid. Though, I WILL write about Iban if there's any news, so stay tuned for that. I'll also be updating the riders' profiles along the way, but nothing more than that. I'm sorry, I really am, but I've taken the decision to stop for a while. I'll post a pic of Iban later today, but that will be the last post in a while. See ya!


Anonymous said...

That's too bad, we'll miss your updates, but I hope you can take care of whatever you need to. But don't forget about this blog altogether please. Thanks.

arnout said...

Well take your time for things which have to be done and which most likely are more important than sports. But I will miss your blog for sure, I visit it everyday, especially for the backgrounds and interviews, which is perfect because I cannot read Spanish or Basque!

Well, guess we have to do without you for a while, see you soon!

Lizzard4567 said...

Oh crap so now I have to do everything on my own :p

I know what you mean, I experience the same things but I just can't let my blog go, but good luck with what you do with your life !

Magnus said...

Thanks guys, and I will come back in late May remember:D

Monika said...

Hi Magnus, I hope you can use this time-out to relax and to recover from all this. You are doing a great work, and I really visit your Blog every day.
So I will miss it! And you know: whatever you need, just ask!
See you soon!

Bolsen3 said...

Too bad, but of course I can understand your decision. Hope you will come back for full time later on! Especially if Ibans career gets kick started again ;-)


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