Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mikel ends up 6th in País Vasco

The Vuelta Ciclista al País Vasco came to a close today in the shape of a 20-kilometre individual time trial in Orio. Mikel did okay to finish 11th, and thus 6th overall. Igor also did okay to come home 27th. He therefore ended up 13th, which must be considered a great result considering his injury. Stage results:

  • 11th, Mikel Astarloza, 1:39
  • 27th, Igor Antón, 2:13
  • 39th, Egoi Martínez, 2:43
  • 60th, Amets Txurruka, 3:30
  • 85th, Jorge Azanza, 4:11
  • 95th, Iván Velasco, 5:19
  • 98th, Iñigo Landaluze, 6:11
  • 99th, Iñaki Isasi, 6:26

Final general classification:

  • 6th, Mikel Astarloza
  • 13th, Igor Antón
  • 43rd, Egoi Martínez
  • 47th, Amets Txurruka
  • 72nd, Jorge Azanza
  • 80th, Iván Velasco
  • 84th, Iñigo Landaluze
  • 88th, Iñaki Isasi

Euskaltel finished 9th in the team classification, while Egoi racked up three(!) different prizes. Of course he won the climber's jersey, which is a great feat. He also won the "most aggressive rider prize", which I predicted, and he also won an "elegancia" prize. What that prize is for I don't know, but it sure sounds good. Amets won the "longest break" prize, while he also won, just like Egoi, a somewhat peculiar prize: the sympathi prize. Again, I have no idea why or what for, but I'm sure he'll be pleased. Mikel won the "best Basque" competition as he ended up a brilliant 6th. Mikel has really looked solid this year. I can't wait for the Tour, where he'll push for a high overall placing this year as well. Considering how he's been racing these first few months, anything's possible. The team as a whole performed admirably, and a stage win would be just reward for their efforts. The win eluded the team again, but there's still a lot to take heart from.


Anonymous said...

contador, this *** stupid doper!!!!

arnout said...

Don't think so actually.

Also Spanish riders can be talented, it is not that all Spanish riders that are riding oke are doped.

Magnus said...

Well, I have to disagree with you arnout (for once:p). I feel it's quite obvious...


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