Sunday, April 06, 2008

País Vasco tactics

Igor is still at a loss to figure out whether he'll take part in the Vuelta al País Vasco tomorrow or not. The climber, with general classification ambitions for the race, has been struggling with a sinew in his achilles since the last stage of the recent Paris-Nice. He did 80 kilometres behind directeur sportif Gorka Gerrikagoitia's car yesterday, and is reported to have felt a whole lot better. He'll most probably start, but, as Miguel Madariaga said, it's up to the rider to decide: "It depends on Igor. If he's feeling as good today as he did yesterday, then he's likely to participate. Igor is motivated, and he really wants to race, but we won't force him into anything. If he doesn't feel like racing, we'll find an alternative". That alternative is the in-form Iván Velasco, who's been training with the team these last few days. "He's prepared for it", Madariaga told DEIA. Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano seemed more upbeat than Madariaga though when speaking to El Correo Digital yesterday: "He told us he felt good. If he can't feel any pain today, he'll be on the start-line in Legazpia. He's in great form, so it's necessary to take advantage of it." Galdeano went on to describe Contador as the man to beat, and said his own team are underdogs. "We're not the favourites, so we won't take control of the race. We'll be on the attack instead".

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Monika said...

Igor wil start, Rubén Pérez - due to an influenza - not, he will be substituted by Ivan Velasco


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