Sunday, April 13, 2008

Markel and Juanjo reach velodrome

Two Euskaltel representatives managed to finish today's hellish Paris-Roubaix. Markel came in 71st, 16:48 back, in a group containing names like Hoj, Horillo, Rojas, Haussler, Sutton and Lang, while Juanjo ended up 16:57 down, in 91st place. The rest of the guys abandoned. Koldo pulled out after a crash, but is reported to not have sustained any injuries, except for the normal bruises and all that. The guys were reported to be a bit disillusioned by the weather and the cold, but I understand them. This really isn't the team's favourite cup of tea!


Bolsen3 said...

If they were "disillusioned by the weather and the cold" today, I would really like to see their faces when the weather is bad! Todays weather was very good, considering Paris-Roubaixs history of bad bad weather!

I would really like to see a Euskaltel rider who can perform on the pavé in the future, as Paris-Roubaix is an awesome race!

Magnus said...

Yeah, I didn't get that "bad weather" thing either. It sure is an awesome race, but I'm afraid you're in for a long wait as no Euskaltel rider is happy on the cobbles. Juanjo looked good in all three cobbled races though, for a first-timer, so perhaps in a couple of years...


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