Thursday, July 31, 2008

Aketza Peña cleared of doping

Yes, that's rigth; Aketza has been cleared of any wrondoing in relation to his positive test for nandrolone at last year's Giro di Trentino. The A-sample came back positive, and allegedly contained 5 times the allowed limit for the drug. He subsequently had to leave the Giro d'Italia he was contesting at the time, and immediately asked for the counter-analysis. In august that same year he was suspended for two years, eventhough the Spanish Cycling Federation wasn't made aware of the B-sample result until January. Aketza didn't say why CAS decided to clear him, he'll leave that to his lawyer. He's been training all this time, competing in mountain bikes events, to keep in shape. What the future now holds for Aketza is unclear, but I'm really glad to see him cleared of doping. Euskaltel were forced to fire him due to the Code of Ethics, but Miguel Madariaga told El Correo: "Inside the team we supported him. And now it's clear that he hasn't done anything wrong." This news is good for everyone I reckon; for Euskaltel, for himself and for us, his fans.


Anonymous said...

This is good news. I hate doping but the procedure for testing etc, really needs to be revamped. There's an air of witch hunt that I find a little unfair. Maybe I'm wrong?


arnout said...

A little, a little. They are playing a game I think.

Great news btw, hopefully Pena will be better than ever (and I hope he will get the place he deserves in the squad).


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