Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Press conference

Euskaltel held a press conference at today's rest-day. Samu, Mikel and Haimar were all present to speak their mind on the Tour so far. Here's what they said:
  • Samu: I'm convinced that I can manage to stay with the best ones soon. I ascended the Hautacam only 16 seconds slower than Piepoli, I posted the 6th best time up that mountain. Those numbers indicate my form is good. I got dropped on the Tourmalet and I had to pay for it. But there are still several stages left, and the objective of winning a stage remains intact.
  • Mikel: I'm pleased with my efforts in the Pyrenees. We've just done two important stages and I'm well placed overall, better than I thought I would be actually. The race is still very open, so we'll continue to fight for a stage-win. To win a stage is really hard in the Tour, but that was our objective and we stand by it.
  • Haimar: The race has been hard on me. The last two days have been difficult; this was not what I hoped for. The team will be lead by Mikel and Samu, and I will support them. In addition I'll hunt for stage-wins as I'm likely to be given a bit more leeway than in years past. I feel that my form is good in this Tour, and a stage-win would be the best way to finish it.


Anonymous said...

It would be important to know WHY Samu did not so well climbing the Tourmalet when he was so brilliant at Hautacam.
Mikel's been a revelation and i'm quite convinced he'll finish in the top 10 again...but i can't take what Haimar said !!! he was poor so far and he should know the reasons with his experience. Also, how he can hope to win a stage with this kind of form ?

Nicholas said...

The reason for Samu not being at his best at Tourmalet was propably because it was a short stage and many riders need a warm-up phase on the mountains. Therefore, I think the Alpe d'Huez stage is very suitable for him. As we know, Samu only gets better and better as the stages and mountains rolls by.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you...but it was up to Samu to tell us that !
But as you said, i'm sure he'll do like he did in the Vuelta last year in the 3rd week...well, at least i very much hope so !


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