Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The calm before the storm

It was an easy day in the saddle for the whole team today. No one in the breaks, no one in the mix and, luckily, no one in the crashes. Everyone came in with the leading pack. Iñaki gave it a go at the finish and claimed an okay 16th place. The first summit-finish is on the programme tomorrow, with the stage ending on the Super Besse. The first mountainous day is always exciting, and I have to admit I'm nervous. I think Haimar will be really up for it given his bad ITT yesterday, and hopefully we'll get to see Amets, Rubén or someone in the break. I expect a better showing from the whole team than the previous day's one.


arnout said...

It is not a very difficult finish. 7 kilometer at 5.7% and then 1.5 kilometer at 10%. Don't expect many time differences this day. But it is a real chance for Samuel...

Anonymous said...

The important thing tomorrow is to show that we are up amongst the best. I expect that Ricco and Piepoli will launch an early attack and it's important to stay in the first positions.
Zubeldia needs to show courage while Samu and Mikel can keep their cards hidden until the last few kilometres.

zubeldia said...

Wow. what happened to Zubeldia today? Samu did okay, but it was not the day that I was hoping for.

On another note, I'm living in the States right now and they barely mention EE in the coverage. In fact for the past few years they have almost completely overlooked Zubeldia despite his great results since 2003.


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