Sunday, July 06, 2008

Euskaltel off to good start

Euskaltel enjoyed a fine start to the Tour de France yesterday. Rubén was in the break of the day looking good. Seems he's intent on being aggressive this year as well; greatb start for him. He managed to grab some points in the points competition, so well done Rubén. Valverde did as everyone espected of him and duly won the first stage. Euskaltel's main men, Samu, Mikel, Egoi and Haimar, all came in with most of the favourites 7 seconds down, while Gorka ended up 18 seconds back, Amets 39 back, Rubén 1:12 down, while Iñaki and Juanjo came in 2 minutes in arrears. Iñaki hit the tarmac, or rather some bushes alongside the tarmac, with 15 clicks to go, but luckily escaped uninjured. Rubén spoke to his team's website afterwards, saying: "I came to this Tour with a very clear goal; working for the team. Today I managed to do that by being a part of the break. I knew it would be really hard to succeed (reaching the line ahead of the pack), as it's the start of the Tour, no one's tired and the winner would get to be dressed in yellow. We worked well together almost 'till the end. But suddenly we stopped working together, and that was our downfall. We should have cooperated longer to stand a chance. I confront this Tour with desire to do well. I've got more experience, and that's always a good thing, but I'll just take it day by day, we've barely started. We'll have to continue this way so that we can do as well, or even better, than last year."

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