Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Still all good for Euskaltel

Today's third stage was another case of keeping out of trouble for the team. They all managed to do so nicely, with no one hitting the deck and only two of them, Gorka and Amets losing time. The field split into three pieces due to a fall some 30 kilometres out, and big-name riders like Menchov, Cobo and Ricco' all lost forty seconds. So too did Gorka, but he won't worry too much about that. Amets lost 2:52, but no big crisis there either. The riders were all saving forces for tomorrow's 29-kilometre ITT. It's the perfect course and length for Samu, so he'll be up there I think. The same goes for Mikel, who could really pull it off tomorrow. He needs to do well, as he's not among the top, top climbers. I am curious about what Haimar can muster, just like he said himself he is. He's not been going too well in TTs this year, but this man knows how to raise to the occasion. Looking forward to it...

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