Saturday, July 12, 2008

Amets is back!

It was just like watching last year's race all over again today; Amets was at his aggressive best making us proud. I just love his attitude. But it's not just his attitude; this guy is quality. I guess that's no big surprise but, still, he's fabulous. He was part of a four-man break today, a break that looked doomed to fail all day. But with some 15 kilometres to go he jumped on the attack and only got Pineau for company. The two of them really made an effort and stayed away until 4 clicks to go. It was awesome stuff to see Amets never giving in, not even when the pack was, literally, a meter or two down the road. I love him, I know all you other Euskaltel fans do, and the Norwegian commentators certainly do. When Amets eventually was caught it was time to sprint. Rubén and Iñaki went for some kind of two-pronged attack and stayed close all the way. They both had top 10-finished in sight, but was blocked in of sorts inside the last 100. They eventually finished 13th and 14th respectively. Not bad! The rest of the guys finished inside the peloton safe and sound. As for tomorrow I've got one word for you: Samu!


brian said...

This may be a bit off topic but has anyone else read about Iban being brought up on criminal charges?

I for one am glad but before anyone tries to take my head off I am only glad because it is going to take a real court/judicial system to finally clear all this up and get Iban racing again.

The process that has taken place to keep Mayo from racing is a complete farce, something dosent smell right, could this possibly be a tactic to fix races by eliminating enough favorites to water down the talent pool done by an authority who is beyond questioning?

If there is to truly be justice within the anti-doping system then accountability needs to be fair and balanced and not only with regard to the the athletes but also to the labs and national sporting federations and with the current structure in place that can not happen

Magnus said...

I don't feel too good about this whole thing to be honest. Sounds bad, but I guess nothing will actually happen, as has become the norm in cycling these days...


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