Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Gearing up for Bidasoa

Naturgas are all set for one of their most important and prestigious races of the year; the Vuelta a Bidasoa. The four-stage race has for years been an important race on the Spanish amateur calendar and boasts winners like Amador, Cabestany and Olano. With a line-up consisting of Pello Bilbao (pictured above), Alberto Guinea, Igor Merino, Carlos Barbero, Jon Larriñaga, Mikel Bizkarra and Rory Martínez, the team will be well equipped to fight for the overall win. "The riders are very motivated and we hope to be the protagonists in the race", said chief Aritz Arberas. Look out for strong overall performances from Igor Merino and Pello Bilbao in particular.

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