Monday, November 22, 2010

Galdeano praises class of '10

At a press-conference at the team's get-together in Derio earlier today, team head Igor González de Galdeano praised the team's performances throughout the 2010 season, labelling it "the best season ever". Euskaltel grabbed 17 wins in total so no wonder the man in charge was pleased. What's more important though, he argued, was that Euskaltel "earned the respect of the other teams", and showed that "we can control a race" and "be able to win in races like the Tour and the Vuelta. This was unthinkable a few years ago, and that's way I'm convinced we're well prepared for 2011." The ex-pro also added that he's confident Euskaltel will obtain that vital ProTeam license. The UCI were supposed to hand out the remaining three licenses two days ago but, true to tradition, they didn't come good on their word and postponed their decision.

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