Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Galdeano talks up Antón's Giro bid

Igor Antón will go to the Giro next year to bring home the win, says team chief Galdeano. Speaking to El Correo, the man talked up his young protégé's chances. "We'll go to the Giro with Igor Antón with high expectations. We won't go with a 'see what happens'-attitude. We'll go with ambition. Igor likes the race. Watch out for him." Galdeano went on to say that Antón will also aim for the Vuelta later in the year. "Yeah (he'll do both). He's 28 now. He's old enough to do two GTs a year. He'll aim to be at 100%. In principle the goal is to win a stage. We've never done that at the Giro before. But Igor's progressed physically and psychologically, so he's capable of more (than just a stage-win)."


arnout said...

I get really, really excited about next season with all this talk :) It looks very promising indeed.

Bolsen3 said...

Yeah, I can't wait! Samu still in his best years, and Igor entering them, this could be awesome! Not forgetting that next year we can probably start to expect something from Sicard and Castroviejo too! :D


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