Monday, November 08, 2010

Hernández 5th in 'cross race

Aitor Hernández is really starting to find his feet in cyclo-cross. The soon-to-be former Euskaltel rider took a strong fifth at today's race in his home-town of Ermua, a race won by roadie-cum-'crosser Javier Ruíz de Larriñaga, formerly of the popular Kaiku outfit. Hernández has still not penned a deal with a new team, which amazes me to be honest what with his track record, but I expect him to be picked up by a Spanish or Italian Conti or Pro Conti team in the near future.


Vegard said...

My tip goes to Caja Rural. Next year they are a pro.cont. team, and they need a couple of riders that has experience from the top level since they've got a lot of very young riders in their team. As far as I know, former Euskaltel rider Aketza Peña also rides for Caja Rural, so maybe he'll be influencing in Aitor's decicion?

Magnus said...

That's what I was thinking as well, but as far as I know Caja Rural are done shopping. Aketza was not retained actually, so he's without a contract as well.

Trisha - Cruiser said...

Awesome that he was able to pull out a fifth place finish. The transition into cyclocross isn't easy for many people....myself included!


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