Thursday, June 16, 2011

Castroviejo close to Movistar switch

Jonathan Castroviejo is allegedly on the verge of signing for rival Spanish team Movistar. So say both El Correo and Biciciclismo in the morning hours today. According to the trustworthy websites he's agreed a three-year deal with Unzúe's formation, and the switch will see him link up with good friend Intxausti in 2012. The rider himself denies that any deal has been done, saying on Twitter that "several teams have shown interest but I haven't decided anything yet", but Biciciclismo says team chief Galdeano is already resigned to the fact that he'll lose one of his most prized assets. Castroviejo's agent, a certain Antonio Vaquerizas, also moved to dismiss the news, likely all too aware of the fact that per UCI's new rules, signings can't be announced before August 1. Vaquerizas, who's also Intxausti's agent and not Miguel Madariaga's best friend to say the least, insists that reports of Castroviejo joining Movistar are "totally inaccurate" and that "the rider hasn't signed a contract with Movistar or any other team". Believe what you want, but there's no denying this isn't looking too good. Loosing Castroviejo, much like Intxausti, would be a huge blow to Euskaltel's hopes of a successful future, and certainly won't make Galdeano and Madariaga's negotiations with potential new sponsors any easier. To make matters worse, Unzúe is also reportedly interested in Giro hero Mikel Nieve. Luckily the lanky climber has a contract 'til the end of next season, but El Correo has it that the Movistar head is contemplating buying out his contract to secure his services for next season.

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arnout said...

Well, Nieve seems to be a good friend of Anton where Jonathan is mates with Intxausti. So I'm more worried about the latter. But in the end, its his career and he needs to do what he thinks is best for him.


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