Saturday, June 18, 2011

Suisse stage 8

Koldo Fernández confirmed he's approaching top form with a strong fourth on today's eighth stage of the Tour de Suisse. A select group of no more than 28 riders made it to the finish together on the comparatively flat but still quite taxing and hilly (towards the end at least) leg of the nine-day race, and in it was Koldo Fernández. In the sprint for the line Koldo was slightly boxed in on the left just when he was about to pull the trigger, but still recovered to finish fourth ahead of such illustrious names as Hushovd, Ciolek and Rojas to name a few. R Pérez came in just 54 seconds back, while Azanza advanced to 23rd on GC through his 69th place finish at 1:39. Izagirre stayed in 18th despite ceding 1:56. Castroviejo, Aramendía and A Pérez rolled home with the gruppetto at 7:27.

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