Sunday, November 11, 2007

Evaluation of the neo-pros

Lander Aperribay: The 25-year-old from San Sebastián got his first pro contract with Euskaltel this season. Lander did what was expected of him; riding in support of his team-leaders and sacrificing his own ambitions for the team's greater good. Though, he'll have to pick up some impressive results i 2008 if his contract is to be extended. The first year as a pro is always going to be tough, as it turned out to be for Lander. He didn't record any noteworthy results, but he's said to be a talented guy this rider, so I'm confident that'll change next year.

Andoni Lafuente: Same as with Lander really. Struggled, as nearly all neo-pros do, to adapt to the pace of the Pro Tour in his first year. Though, this one is only 22, so he's still got some time left to impress. As with Lander, he'll come to the end of his two-year contract come next year, so he'll need to impress his bosses next campaign if it's to be extended. The rider from Gernika showed that the talent is there in the youth categories prior to joining Euskaltel, so I'll look out for his results next year.

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