Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Iban's B-sample to be tested tomorrow

Iban's B-sample will be tested again in Paris tomorrow. Anne Gripper, the UCI's anti-doping coordinator, said nothing as to when the result will be made known, as usual, she only said another analysis was "necessary" for one reason or another. How they UCI can do this, without taking the case to CAS is beyond me, but I guess the UCI don't really care about rules. They don't tend to anyway.


Anonymous said...

it will be positive, of that i'm sure

Anonymous said...

me too...

Anonymous said...

anne said it will be positive
pat said it will be positive

of that we are sure

Anonymous said...

It will be positive that's for sure.
The UCI and Gripper and McQuaid cannot afford to loose face over this. The loss of one riders career is more important to them than being able to admit them were wrong. If its positive, we'll know by the weekend. If it's negative, then around February I would guess.


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