Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Iban: "I expected this"

In a small conversation with Basque network station ETB today, Iban said that the actions taken by the UCI don't surprise him at all. "I knew they weren't going to stop; I haven't even received a notification of this new counter-analysis", Iban said. "It's quite rare to break it's own laws (the UCI). What are they going to do now? They're going to do 15 tests until they get the result they want. The UCI can't do another counter-analysis when the national federation has shelved the case. But even though the law is on my side, I'm not calm". José Rodriguez, his lawyer, once again reiterated to ETB that the testing is illegal and will be made without the permission of the rider.


Anonymous said...

The UCI have now put off doing the analysis until the first week of December.

pepo said...

and now they attend Mayo to the party allso...


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