Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pic of the year

Yeah, you're right, when I start posting articles, if I can call it that, like these, I ain't got much to write about. No news on Iban or Euskaltel, so this is the best I can come up with. But back to the headline; "Pic of the year". It's an amazing photograph, isn't it? I just love it; it's real happiness we're seeing on Iban and his fanclub leader's face. It's of course taken right after the news of Iban's false positive broke. As we all know, the joy didn't last long, as the UCI made, and are still making, fools out of themselves by not accepting the counter-analysis. But no matter what happened in the aftermath of the pic, it's still an amazing picture. Let's hope we can see that smile back on Iban's face shortly...


Arnout said...

I doubt if I would recognise him if he walked through my village! On this photo he looks really anonymous. And he is not too heavy I think.

But indeed, a really good photo, and I didn't knew the other one was the leader of the fanclub. Good to see that also that club was in contact with him during the false dopingthing.

If you look back, it is a really strange story. Immedeately after the news that Iban was doped, everyone here on the blog was hoping for a false test, which, in fact, nearly never happers. But oke, it took weeks, months, and everyday we got more of a feeling that there was something wrong.
And indeed, it was a true Mayostory again. This story suits in his career so well!

Magnus said...

Couldn't have put it better myself:D


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