Friday, November 23, 2007

Test put on hold

The third testing of Iban's B-sample has, incredibly, been put on hold. The UCI decided to postpone the testing as they, suddenly, wanted Iban or a representative of him to be present. This totally contradicts all they've said earlier about the sample being tested no matter what, but I guess that's the way the UCI go about things. "The analysis of the B was scheduled to occur in Paris yesterday (Wednesday), but it was postponed to make absolutely sure that Mr. Mayo had the opportunity to attend or elect a representative to attend the opening and analysis on his behalf," she said. "I can't confirm the new date publicly until Mr. Mayo, RFEC [the Spanish Cycling Federation] etc. have acknowledged receipt of the information." Well, first of all Gripper, you've got to send a notification to them. It's kind of hard to "acknowledge a receipt of the information" if they don't have any information. Further she said: "The analysis of the B sample was conducted by the Gent lab. It was inconclusive. They sent the results to the Sydney lab for a second opinion. The sample itself was not sent to Sydney. Sydney confirmed the inconclusive result and suggested that the remainder of the B sample be analysed in the Paris lab to obtain a conclusive result". Well to most this might seem logical. But it's not. If a test is inconclusive, it's classified "negative", as EPO use would have given a clear and straightforward "positive". Anyway, I've said this all before, so I think I'm just going to leave it at that...

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