Sunday, November 25, 2007

What's the rules?

The RFEC (the National Spanish Cycling Federation) has stated that they've shelved Iban's case, and that an eventual positive third B-sample test would do nothing to change their verdict. To them, Iban's cleared and free to race. But is that all? Haven't the UCI got anything to say if it comes back positive? Or is it enough that the RFEC clears him? I'm not sure, so I'm asking you, my readers, for some help here. What's the rules for these kind of cases? Is the RFEC's verdict all that counts in the end?


azanca02 said...

I am not totally positive but i am sure he would have to take it to the CAS and get it cleared there. It would have to be against the UCI and WHEN Iban wins he will be able to race in any event. That is if the result comes back positive.

Anonymous said...

I would imagine it depends on how much Mayo is in favour with the RFEC. As it will be affiliated to the UCI, pressure will be put upon it to abide by the UCI's reasoning. Remember though that a rider is banned by their national governing body, not the UCI.

Anonymous said...

That is true that he is banned by their national governing body and not the UCI, but can't the UCI control who races and who doesn't? I am not totally sure about all of this...but either way If he is found guilty and he takes it to the CAS, I think it will be thrown out in a heart beat. The UCI has broken their own rules time and time again and everyone realizes that. I hope Iban knows about this Blog because I would love for him to know all the supporters he has, not only in Spain but all around Europe and America!!

Magnus said...

Yeah. he's got a lot of support all over the world.


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