Monday, November 19, 2007

No teams for former Euskaltel riders yet

Andoni Aranaga, Iban Iriondo, Unai Uribarri, Joseba Zubeldia, Iban Mayoz and Aketza Peña are still left without a team for next year after not getting their contracts extended with the team. Of course, Aketza tested positive earlier this year, so, even though his B-sample has gone missing, he's without a job for 2008 as of yet. And I'm afraid the 5 others may not find a team in an increasingly difficult job-market, with several teams folding leaving riders jobless. There are still some places left at Spanish Pro Conti and Pro teams, but aside from that I can't see many teams taking them on. Even though they're all talented riders, and some of them have impressive results on their CV, I'm afraid retirement is looming for some of them. That would be a shame, as they all deserve another chance. Perhaps heading to Portugal might be an option for some of them, as there is still place for a rider or two on their Pro teams.

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