Friday, September 10, 2010

Antón holds firm; Koldo 8th

It was another easy day in the saddle for Igor Antón and Euskaltel. The customary break finally went up the road after an intensive first 45 minutes, and then, just like yesterday, Euskaltel didn't really have to do a big part of the pace-making at the sharp end of the peloton due to the presence of several big-name sprinters in the field who were intent on winning the stage. Cav's HTC and Farrar's Garmin assumed the majority of the responsibility, while Euskaltel focused on staying close to Igor and keeping him out of trouble. They all came through unscathed and thus the jersey remains on Igor's shoulders. Koldo looked a decent bet for a top 3 place on the stage, but lost his line slightly in the last curve and lost his good position and with it the chance to fight for the top spot on the podium. He came in 8th, which is still a good result, but he will have been hoping for something more. Everyone but Intxausti managed to stay with the pack. Beñat finished 2 minutes down and is inching ever close to that very last place overall.

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