Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lombardia likely for Samu

Perennial Giro de Lombardia contender Samuel Sánchez is likely to line up for another go at the Italian fall classic in October. Speaking to el Diario Vasco, Samu, who's currently Down Under and getting ready for Sunday's big day, had this to say: "For Euskaltel, first and foremost, and for me, the Giro de Lombardia is important. Unless I finish the road race on Sunday feeling very bad, I'll do the race. I've twice been second and once third in that race. If I do the race it'll be to win it. If I can't see myself fighting for the win, I won't line up." Samu, who might now be promoted onto the podium in the Tour after Contador was finally caugth, revealed he'd spent 11 days training alone in the Sierra Nevada mountain range as preparation for the Worlds. He also added he's confident in his captain and three-time victor Oscar Freire.


arnout said...

So you believe Contador will be suspended?

He may use doping, I don't know, but suspending him for this would be ridiculous.

Nick said...

The test registered at 50 picograms?!?

I don't know what a valid concentration of colbuterol is, but anything entering the realm of picograms seems extremely insignificant to me.

It would have been nice to see Samu make the tour podium, but not in this fashion

arnout said...

For comparison: If you get 50 picograms of the most toxic substance in the world in your blood, most likely you won't notice it.


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