Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Mayo turn up for Txema goodbye

Ibán Mayo was present at the funeral of Txema González over the weekend. Like a host of former riders, directors, mechanics, masseurs and soigneurs, Ibán showed up to pay his respects. Naturally the entire Sky team was there, along with representatives from a host of other outfits, including Miguel Madariaga and Igor González de Galdeano from Euskaltel. Joseba Beloki and his brother Gorka were there, and so too was Pedro Horillo, former star Alfonso Gutiérrez, ONCE rider Javier Mauleón, Koldo Gil, Euskaltel legend Roberto Laiseka, former road racer and now cyclo-cross star Unai Yus, and erstwhile Euskadi/Euskaltel riders like Alberto López de Muñain, Joseba Zubeldia, Alberto Martínez, Iker Camaño, Iker Flores, Txema del Olmo, Aitor Kintana, Juan Carlos González Salvador, César Solaun and Iñigo Gonzalez de Heredia to name but a few.

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