Friday, September 03, 2010

Trio on Worlds long-list

Euskaltel trio Egoi Martínez, Samuel Sánchez and Koldo Fernández have all been named on Spain's 21-man long-list for the World Championships. National coach Jose Luis de Santos will make the final call on who's going after the Vuelta's conclusion, and, with all due respect, considering the other nominees, I reckon they all have a decent shot at going. Sure, Javier Moreno, David Garcia, Gustavo Cesar Veloso and Luis Pasamontes are all decent riders in their own right, but the Euskaltel trio should stand a better chance of getting the nod. If Samu gets himself back into shape and is motivated, he'll be selected said de Santos. "He's doing a different calendar compared to what he usually does, and could not maintain his Tour-form for the Vuelta. But if he's in good shape I'll take him." Due to Valverde's absence, and Freire's uncertain medical state, Samu may well be the team's captain if he's in shape. The Melbourne course is a rather flat one, so I think Koldo might end up going as well, especially if Freire is not on the top of his game. Egoi has got as good a chance as anyone else I reckon, but his form hasn't really been top notch this year and doesn't seem to be firing on all cylinders in the Vuelta either, so he's more of an uncertainty I feel.

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