Wednesday, September 01, 2010

TTT opener in Tenerife

Just like Euskaltel, and Orbea for that matter, team time trials don't seem to be Naturgas Energía's favourite cup of tea. The Vuelta a Tenerife commenced yesterday with that particular disicipline, Naturgas taking an okay but distant 10th place out of the 15 participating teams. The Extramadura-Spiuk outfit, lead by the powerful José Antonio Arroyo and former pro Antonio Olmo, took the spoils, besting the Proyecto Cidi team, featuring former Iles Baleares and Andalucía-Cajasur rider José Luis Carrasco, by two seconds and Italian squad Treviciani-Ayamon by seven. Naturgas finished up at 2:57, which is quite a big deficit considering the race was held over no more than 22,6km. But they're only in the race to learn though, and they're younger than most of their rivals at the race, so it's an okay ride I guess. Igor Merino, Jon Larrinaga, Mikel Bizkarra and Aitor Ocampos finished together, while Alfonso Saiz and Rory Martínez came in 6:35 in arrears, and Urtzi Legarra at 7:14.

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