Monday, September 06, 2010

Tenerife concludes

The five-day Vuelta a Tenerife came to a close today with two short efforts: first a 12,6km individual time trial, then a 45km road stage. The race against the clock didn't go too well for the team in red, Merino placing highest with a 20th at 1:53. Ocampos was right on his heels in 24th at 2:06, while Larrinaga was 36th, Bizkarra 43rd, Legarra 56th, Saiz 58th and R Martínez took 65th.

Rory Martínez was at the sharp end of the peloton on the very last stage, taking a nice 10th as part of a small group 7 seconds back on solo winner Zhupa from Albania. Bizkarra finished at 20 seconds and Saiz at 26. Due to an untimely mechanical, Merino ended up 33 seconds back, in the process relinquishing his sixth place overall going into the stage. He finished seventh though, so he'll live to see another day. Larrinaga came in alongside Merino, while Ocampos came in a further three seconds back and Legarra ended up 4:20 in arrears. Here's the final GC:

  • 7, Igor Merino
  • 11, Mikel Bizkarra
  • 25, Aitor Ocampos
  • 28, Jon Larrinaga
  • 52, Urtzi Legarra
  • 61, Alfonso Saiz
  • 65, Rory Martínez

Merino took an honourable second in the sub23 competition, while the team took third in the team rankings. Not bad!

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