Saturday, September 18, 2010

Naturgas aiming for more

After taking out the overall Torneo Sub23 individual- and team classifications last week, Naturgas Energía is aiming for more this weekend. The final couple of races in the Torneo Lehendakari series, or Lehendakari Txapelketa if you'd like, are being staged on Saturday and Sunday in Oñate and Bergara respectively. With Igor Merino situated in third and Pello Bilbao in fifth, the team is primed for an attack on the big prize. Ramón Domene is currently heading the standings ahead of his Seguros Bilbao companion Ibai Salas, with Merino in close pursuit in third. Naturgas hold a slender advantage of Seguros in the team rankings, so they'll look to take that classification outright as well. Orbea rider Noel Martín snatched a brilliant win for the team in Oñate last year, and DS Arberas will send a strong 11-man squad to the event in the hope of a repeat. Lining up for both events will be Pello Bilbao, Igor Merino, Unai Martínez, Efrén Carazo, Carlos Barbero, Jon Larrinaga, Rory Martínez, Álex Bilbao, Mikel Martioda, Alberto Guinea and Fernando Grijalba.

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