Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Giro unlikely, says Galdeano

Euskaltel are not likely to take part in next year's edition of the Giro d'Italia, writes Tutto Bici web. This contradicts what has been reported in other sections of the media lately, but when their source is a certain González de Galdeano, they've probably got it right. According to the reliable cycling website, Galdeano has said that "the Giro is not about to re-enter our plans. And if they force us to do it we will have a problem. Three Grand Tours would see us reverting to our old calendar. We don't want that as the last two season have been very pleasing for us. Right now we're waiting for the governing bodies to decide our destiny".

1 comment:

racejunkie said...

Aw, rats! It's a beautiful climber's Giro and I'm sure they would light up the action in the high passes. I'll just have to root for them in the Tour and Vuelta!


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